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Industries & Domains AI Use Cases


We are helping an oncology group in the USA and New Zealand deal with information overload and data access:

The Oncology solution platform, serves three use cases:

  • Medical Question-Answering: accessing current medical research, clinical guidelines, or clinical trial results.
  • Information Extraction: Getting efficiently oncology-specific facts, research on treatments, and other specific medical information
  • Document Understanding: Finding domain answers about long PDF documents and graphs, including private knowledge bases.

This work has garnered a wide support from the targeted users and the startup organization has raised one of the largest MVP stage funds for the project.


The Acuity Workload Assignment Tool (AWAT) is an innovative new business model and data-driven SAAS powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that aims to revolutionize patient workload assignment in the healthcare industry.

AWAT is positioned to integrate seamlessly into existing electronic health record software programs, providing predictable and reliable equitable patient-to-healthcare professional ratios based on acuity scores and aligning with the quintuple aim of healthcare.


We are helping banks to stay abreast of latest regulations given the distributed financial regulation bodies in India, USA and Australia:

This application serves following use case:

Offering time-saving application on international regulations data as a recommendation system platform that uses conventional machine learning techniques as well as Generative AI techniques to find the relevant and correct information.

Our work saves invaluable time collecting and evaluating the data. Ensuring higher productivity when it comes to monitoring crucial compliances in domestic as well as foreign markets.


Banks increasingly seek to have more affordable but agile services capable of efficiently servicing and retaining their customers while ensuring an environment that balances customer data protection while taking advantage of cost-effective AI automation and functionalities.

The key focus was to avoid three main problems working with sensitive customer data and address the following; knowing data origin, identifying possible biases and errors while avoiding the violation of intellectual property, and preventing data from becoming public, thus guaranteeing more privacy.

We helped to identify and address critical areas in the data flow to be automated from the front end to the back office to manage the chatbot workflows relevant to the target audiences. In addition to improving customer service with a chatbot we reduced communication steps friction and finally providing guidance in the management of internal compliance rules.


We helped a media house develop an instagram-styled video recommendation platform.

This work involved collecting a lot of user behavioral data and applying it to train the neural networks for automatic video recommendations on the mobile platform.

Our work has helped find personalized recommendations for users based on their profile over a large scale of video content data.


We successfully mapped avenues for HR productivity and engagement of a resource using conventional machine learning and social network heuristic techniques.

This has enabled creating an intelligent platform based of employee digital trace data.

Our work helped find insights and add value to tasks like resource planning, team engagements and project management.


We helped a drone startup find real-time defects in industrial inspections that run in giant plants located at remote locations and rugged parts of India. This involves a lot of image and video analysis to be done using an ensemble of machine learning algorithms. We use Generative AI here to automatically generate defect analysis reports for the end user.

Our work has helped increase the productivity of defect inspectors and achieve large-scale analysis of terabytes of video footage across infrastructure related industries.


Well establish multi-family developer in Brazil, has decided to evaluate the operational readiness towards greater efficiencies by automation with the use of advanced AI technology.

Given the current market shifts caused by the macro and micro economic forces and the impact of the COVID era became the catalyst for innovation.

We evaluated the need to strategically position the company for R&D in application of AI solutions. Targeted the area of architectural planning phase in construction development that would substantially expedite the process of land selection, development and planning.

Our Commitment:

  • 01 Timely Delivery:

Consistent comms and transparent progress keeps us on track.

  • 02 Responsible AI:

Data security and anonymization is followed strictly.

  • 03 Quality Code Control for Desktop/ Mobile and Edge:

Tight QA and deployment across.

  • 04 Enterprise Grade:

Our solutions are designed to meet the complex needs of organizations.

  • 05 Domain-Specific AI development:

Using AI techniques to solve specific problems within the target domain.

  • 06 End-to-end Product:

From design concept and planning right through to launching it.