AYoshii - Building for my web-Use Case 2

FinTalk, AI chatbot expansion

The Client:

The established FinTech company, FinTalk Brazil was looking to expand its AI chatbot offers to address pressing issues of managing banking customer services in helping them select the right products and assisting them with financial decisions.  Fintalk’s technology was created to humanize the relationship between brands and customers and carry out all payment processes for bills, purchase orders, balance sheets, and statements, among other procedures that require data security and privacy. 

The Challenge:

Banks increasingly seek to have more affordable but agile services capable of efficiently servicing and retaining their customers while ensuring an environment that balances customer data protection while taking advantage of cost-effective AI automation and functionalities.

The key focus was to avoid three main problems working with sensitive customer data and address the following; knowing data origin, identifying possible biases and errors while avoiding the violation of intellectual property, and preventing data from becoming public, thus guaranteeing more privacy.


We helped to identify and address critical areas in the data flow to be automated from the front end to the back office to manage the chatbot workflows relevant to the target audiences. We ensured that the customer journey was properly captured to offer increased efficiencies with a chatbot.  In addition to improving customer service, positive results by reducing communication steps friction and finally providing guidance in the management of internal compliance rules.

Services & Capabilities:

Customer Experience Mapping – DNA

Retargeted Customer Journey 

Digital workflows

Roadmap for requirements prioritization

Compliance Management