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AYoshii - Building for my web-Use Case 2

ipHaus, affordable housing innovation

The Client:

Our client, a VC firm, Rainmaker Inc., was looking to discover a PropTech, technology-driven solution as an investment opportunity into a startup company that has the capability to scale affordable housing developments of multi-family residences across major markets. The desired direction was also to enable collaboration with landowner partners in NYC looking to transform multiple infill lots into potential innovative, affordable housing solutions.

The Challenge:

The initiative to innovate affordable housing in urban markets is one of the pressing challenges in the US scarce affordable living options. With over 40% of the worker population spending about 50% of their income on housing, this significantly impacts the families and RE market developments.  

With many different aspects of construction, there are difficulty in streamlining design and sustainable material production while ensuring timely execution within tight budgets that deliver affordable and eco-friendly structures.  Therefore, finding the right scalable solution has the potential to create significant value for residents and developers by drastically reducing construction costs.  

The Objectives:

After searching and validating numerous initiatives in the property tech and built environment, AccelIQ Digital reached out to startup, IpHaus, that offers a digital design toolkit which is a generative platform that simplifies and accelerates architectural design process using IpHaus’ patented modular system. 

The digital toolkit allows ipHaus users to generate, visualize and analyze buildings from code compliance to sustainability credentials and cost efficiency, to keep track of the materials and their embodied energies that go into every build, down to each bolt, and to result in one of the comprehensive built-environment life-cycle carbon tracking solutions.

Our main goals were to validate IpHause operational capabilities and its Digital Toolkit for:

  1. Strategy for faster overall execution from architecture to construction and lower costs without compromising quality and sustainability.
  2. Ensure consistent data across the project management, procurement, architecture, and engineering teams, fostering solid relations with landowners and government entities.
  3. Enable rapid generation of volumetric designs and fully engineered plans using the digital toolkit.
  4. Foster transparency and trust with stakeholders, meeting project targets and securing JV opportunities.

The Outcome:

At AccelIQ Digital, we leveraged our innovators’ network for scouting and applied our startup assessment to evaluate the viability of the end-to-end solution for the housing project design, projects commissioning, team and operations. 

In addition, we analyzed the investment opportunity based on the scalability potential of the IpHaus digital toolkit to deliver faster execution and reduce the cost of housing buildouts.  As well as shipping and delivery of CFS panels to NYC and urban markets across the US. 

Our evaluation provided vital insights to make investment decisions as well as the potential for collaborative land developments as ipHaus continues to gain real execution insights.  Also, we enabled the startup to further hone their value proposition and core strengths as leaders in addressing the sizable affordable housing problem.

Services & Capabilities:


Market and Competitive Analysis

Due Diligence and Maturity Assessment

Key metrics for operational execution

Digital technology assessment

Roadmap and requirements prioritization