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Evolving with AI: Inside SAP Innovation Lab Development

The Client:

SAP, with its legacy extending over five decades, is a world-leading provider of enterprise software solutions. With an operational presence across Europe, the United States, and Asia, SAP boasts a diverse customer base exceeding 440,000 people across over 180 countries. SAP strives for reliable delivery, impeccable solution quality, ethical business practices, and clear communication.

The Challenge

In a rapidly changing market economy driven by major technological advancements, SAP realized a need in a major strategic change – expanding its influence and tapping into a new market segment: Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs). After vast research, it was decided to launch yet another SAP Lab, this time in Israel.

This initiative started with a goal to improve operational workflows, increase the effort and money spent on business transformation, and to extend the benefits of AI technology to a wider customer base.

As part of the Product Management function, we began with a thorough analysis of the original enterprise software to explore current business processes and technology functions to be scaled to new SMB needs.

Our product strategy focused on a thorough evaluation of opportunities for intelligent automation in four key areas:
Product innovation
Customer service
Risk management

Our next step was to identify the most critical business areas and challenges and to prioritize the digital transformation journey while considering constraints related to data, personnel, and resources.

The Challenge

This process allowed new SAP Labs Israel to bring its stakeholders together and to introduce a new SCRUM methodology to face the exciting challenge.

We crafted a detailed roadmap to allocate human resources, technology and training budget, as well as to identify new functionality while targeting the SMB segment.

We developed a blueprint to eliminate data silos across teams, optimize operations, and map out the necessary technological adjustments to implement solution enhancements. This transformation set the stage for the continuous improvement of digital processes in real-time, addressing specific needs of SAP Labs new target audience.

Services & Capabilities:

Innovation Strategy Development
Digital Maturity Assessment
AI Roadmap and Strategy
Agile Training Outline
Requirements and Specifications