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Accel IQ Digital is pleased to announce a new partnership with Qmarkets, a provider of a best-in-class AI-enhanced Innovation platform to provide a comprehensive strategic innovation management system to our joint clients across the United States, Brazil, and Asia.

With enterprise customers spread across every corner of the globe, Qmarkets works closely with a number of consulting partners to offer specialized guidance and support across a wide range of use cases.

Our firm, based in Houston, Texas, has a global network of innovation experts around the world, and we take a unique, innovator-community-driven approach to drive corporate innovation and growth among our clients.

This partnership will enable both Qmarkets’ customers to benefit from the vast experience and expertise of Accel IQ and its community, and Accel IQ to benefit from Qmarket’s best-in-class software tools to drive their innovation programs forward.

“Accel IQ brings a wealth of hands-on experience and expertise in assisting companies to accelerate digital capabilities development through their curated outsourcing methodology,” said Steve Reed, Director of Sales in The Americas at Qmarkets.

“They have a proven track record of identifying emerging trends, identifying the most pressing solutions around a strategic opportunity or pain point, and partnering with promising innovators for technology deployment that drives growth. This synergy will enhance our powerful technology scouting tool Q-scout and empower our clients to supercharge their open innovation initiatives.”

Ariana Smetana, CEO and Founder of Accel IQ, said: Staying competitive in the rapidly changing marketplace requires building faster new capabilities and increasing efficiencies through lean innovation and transformative initiatives.

About Accel IQ Digital

As global innovation partners, we combined our C-level business operational and commercial experience with technological know-how and capabilities to offer cost-effective data-driven solutions.

Our company specializes in supporting organizations in the management of corporate challenges and creating targeted, lean corporate innovation approaches in identifying and leveraging technology-enabled solutions for continued growth.

We bring business and technical expertise and a deep network of resources across North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

About Qmarkets

Managing innovation at a large company is never easy. You have an endless list of stakeholders to engage, countless data points to consider, and plenty of landmines to avoid. But it doesn’t have to be so hard.

With the right tools, you can bring all of these elements together to present clear insights that help you make the decisions that matter. That’s where we come in.

With the AI-enhanced Qmarkets platform, you can easily define and manage intelligent crowdsourcing processes to identify, review, and implement the most relevant ideas, trends, or insights and deliver immediate ROI for your organization.
With renowned clients like Ford, Intel, Coca-Cola, and UBS, we have a wealth of best practices to help you achieve your goals.