We offer effective agile innovation programs to position your organization for new growth opportunities with proven digital strategy development, agile product design guidance, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

We bring a unique combination of global business expertise and technology know-how to help you harness your most innovative ideas internally and by enabling rapid growth in collaboration with startups. This creates a powerful innovation ecosystem that drives success.

Accel IQ Digital Our services Identify Opportunities


We enable a holistic view to visualize and prioritize the key opportunities for digital initiatives. Identify top value-add use cases to enable operational improvements and customer value growth. 

You will gain:

  • Holistic vision for digital solutions opportunities and stakeholder alignment
  • Clarity in prioritizing use cases to build a robust business case for innovation
  • Roadmap for achieving critical initiatives for future revenue growth & cost efficiencies

Orchestrate progress

We help you build with rapid entrepreneurial agility the next digital initiatives. Focused on the key building blocks of people, process, and product management.  We bring a keen user experience focus with a blend of design thinking, computational thinking, and business knowledge.

You will gain:

  • Alignment between company & customers’ journeys to capture new opportunities
  • Design new customer value with differentiating digital offers & solutions
  • Create path to operational improvements and efficiencies
Accel IQ Digital Our services Orchestate Progress
Accel IQ Digital Our services Execute with Confidence


We leverage the power of the brightest innovators and entrepreneurs through our program that accelerates corporate innovation.  We offer you impactful ways to rapidly explore the ‘art of the possible’ before testing the best solutions to your problems.

You will gain:

  • Confidence in identifying, piloting, and implementing compelling advanced digital solutions in collaboration with our Startups & Tech Partners
  • Ongoing support in servicing your needs with best-practices training & workshops
  • Become a part of our global innovators’ network.